Benefits of Aluminium Slat Gates

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A front fence separates a house from the street. However, without a gate, anyone can wander in or observe the garden. Of course, the gate material and style needs to match the fencing. One option to consider is an aluminium slat gate. To find out their benefits, read on.


Aluminium gates are resilient. They won't succumb to rust as this metal naturally resists this type of corrosion. In contrast, steel and wrought iron are more prone to rusting and looking old and worn.

Aluminium gates can last longer and require less maintenance than timber gates. You simply need to hose down the metal occasionally to remove dirt. The slats are typically powder-coated with a hard polyester paint layer that defends the metal from the elements. So the barrier will look newer for longer.


Aluminium is relatively lightweight: steel and wrought iron, for example, are much heavier. Thus a manual aluminium gate will be easy to swing or slide open and closed, and you won't struggle to move it.  A light entrance is also easier for a low-energy automatic system to push back and forth. Additionally, it will be easier to handle and install.

Offers Privacy

The design of aluminium slat gates offers privacy, allowing you to relax and use the front garden as an outdoor living area. You can adjust the width of the horizontal slats and their spacing to alter the privacy levels. Use narrower slats and bigger gaps for a more open gate, for instance.

Aesthetically, aluminium slat designs are slimline so that you can construct a high gate without your home feeling like a fortress. In contrast, chunky and solid barriers create a closed-in feel when built taller.

Colour Options

Aluminium slats are available in a wide array of colours to match your home's architectural style and landscape. Select between colours such as black, green, beige and grey to create different looks. For example, install rich brown slats that emulate timber railings to blend with a rustic environment. You won't be faced with limited colours that don't match your aesthetic.


Aluminium is a recyclable metal, so choosing it for your gate will help reduce your carbon footprint. Your new entrance may use some recycled content. Additionally, when you eventually replace the gate, it can be recycled rather than tossed into a landfill, so you won't be contributing to the waste problem. Recycled aluminium also consumes fewer limited natural resources and minerals than manufacturing new metal.

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